BuzNet Email Filtering

BuzNet’s Email Filter service will scan your incoming email for spam & viruses. When clean it will deliver the mail to your mail server. Contact us for more information regarding this service

5 Ways to Optimize Your Network for Your VoIP Solution

Many businesses are swapping out private branch exchange business phone systems for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)-based options, spurring a 17.5 percent growth rate in the market, according to IBIS World. VoIP operates over your data network, instead of phone lines, which introduces additional network considerations when you implement this system. Voice data gets processed alongside other types of data, … Read More

5 Great Features of a VoIP Phone

In our personal lives, most of us abandoned stationary phones and moved on to newer phone technologies for the great features. Why not do the same at work? If the cost-savings and productivity benefits of Hosted VoIP haven’t made you a believer, then take a look at the top features of VoIP phones. Video Capability High-Definition Voice technology Find Me … Read More

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Set for End of Life in 2015

Microsoft has announced that as of July 14, 2015, it will discontinue support for its 11-year-old server operation system, Server 2003. This follows in the wake of its recent discontinuation of support for Windows XP this past spring. Failure to upgrade your server off of this operating system dramatically increases any company’s cyber-security risks. With server migrations taking many weeks … Read More

Business Manager often struggle with IT…

We often meet with Office Managers and Administrators of business who are faced with managing IT problems. The challenges can be overwhelming, and can take them away from their normal duties as a manager. The businesses we meet with are often very surprised at what we find and how we can improve their situation immediately. We commonly find holes in … Read More